Beacon Sky Hospitality created Sky Hotel Management to provide asset management

Beacon Sky Hospitality Co Ltd, based in Bangkok, Thailand, announced the launch of a new hotel management company, Sky Hotel Management.

In its press release, the company said that current market conditions suggest that hotel owners are looking for leaner and different forms of hotel management, including franchise models.

The new company Sky Hotel Management positions itself as a so-called “Third Party Operator” (TPO), in which a “hotel or condominium concludes a franchise agreement with an international hotel brand and then signs a hotel management contract with an operator separate, to offer management service, in this case, Sky Hotel Management. ”

Beacon Sky Hospitality director Mark Van Ogtrop said: “We are launching this new management platform as we witness the demand for such structures by proprietary companies, which are looking for more flexible and cost-effective ways to manage their assets.”

A veteran hotelier who managed networks and independent properties in Southeast Asia, Ogtrop explained that, with the franchise agreement, the international brand only provides the brand license, access to the distribution system (reservation network) and participation in a loyalty program.

This leaves opportunities for third-party operators to take over the day-to-day management of a hotel and the practice of using TPOs is already widely accepted in the US, EU and the Middle East, and is growing in Asia.

Sky Hotel Management is a subsidiary of “Beacon Sky Hospitality Co, Ltd”, with offices in Bangkok and Phuket and serving the Southeast Asia region.