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Ellen DeGeneres Reflects on Showbiz Exit and Controversy in New Standup Tour

Ellen DeGeneres recently made headlines by addressing her fall from grace during a standup performance in Los Angeles. In her comedic routine, DeGeneres joked about being “kicked out of show business” for being perceived as “mean.” This comment was a nod to the controversy that surrounded her talk show, which ended in 2021 after numerous allegations of a toxic workplace environment emerged.

DeGeneres’ talk show, which had been a staple of daytime television for 19 years, faced a significant backlash following a Buzzfeed News report in 2020. The report detailed accounts from former employees who alleged racism, intimidation, and sexual misconduct by senior producers. Despite DeGeneres apologizing and asserting she was unaware of these issues, the show could not recover its reputation and eventually concluded​.

In her recent standup performance, DeGeneres humorously reflected on the dichotomy between her public persona of kindness and the allegations against her. She quipped about how her famous sign-off line, “Be kind to one another,” contrasted sharply with the public’s perception of her following the scandal. She also highlighted the challenge of maintaining her TV legacy, which had been overshadowed by the controversy​ (Global News)​​ (PinkNews)​.

DeGeneres’ return to stand-up is part of her “Ellen’s Last Stand… Up Tour,” marking her first major public engagement since the end of her show. This tour signifies her attempt to move forward and perhaps reshape her public image after the tumultuous end to her television career​.