Chipotle Brings “Carne Asada” Back to its Menu

In a press release, the company announced that it was bringing the option of premium steak back to its restaurants in the US and Canada for a limited time. Meat would also be the first new protein to be introduced to the European market, with a planned restaurant debut. in France.

Chipotle Rewards Program members will be the first to gain exclusive access to the protein, placing orders through the app and website on September 22-23. From September 24th until the 27th, it will be available to everyone only in digital format menu item. It will then be available in restaurants and through third-party delivery services, such as Door Dash and Uber Eats, starting September 28.

The protein, which was initially introduced in 2019 and removed from menus earlier this year, is coming back after the company has gone through a verification process to meet its strict supply standards – something that only 5% of U.S. beef meets.

The return of Carne Asada to the menu is just one of the innovative ways the company has worked to keep loyal fans back during the pandemic.

The company is one of the few that did not necessarily suffer financially during the pandemic. MarketWatch reported in April that the company’s first quarter saw an 81% increase in online sales during the start of the pandemic.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (NYSE: CMG) has 2,650 restaurants in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Germany and is the only restaurant company of its size that owns and operates all of its restaurants.