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Peso Pluma’s “Éxodo”: A Star-Studded Musical Journey

After the immense success of “Génesis” last summer, Peso Pluma returns with his ambitious follow-up album, “Éxodo.” This two-disc album showcases his versatility and knack for collaboration, featuring an array of star-studded artists.

Disc One: Música Mexicana The first disc of “Éxodo” stays true to Peso Pluma’s roots in música Mexicana. With 16 tracks, it includes collaborations with familiar names like Oscar Maydon, Chino Pacas, and Tito Double P. These tracks blend traditional Mexican sounds with Peso Pluma’s unique style, creating a rich, authentic listening experience.

Disc Two: Venturing Beyond The second disc sees Peso Pluma stepping out of his comfort zone, collaborating with international heavyweights. Cardi B’s feature on “Put Em in the Fridge” garnered significant buzz on social media. Other notable collaborations include Rich the Kid on “Gimme a Second,” Quavo on “Pa Na Pensar,” and DJ Snake on “Teka.” Additionally, Anitta, Arcángel, and Ryan Castro make appearances, adding to the album’s eclectic vibe.

A Stellar Year for Peso Pluma 2023 has been monumental for Peso Pluma. Named YouTube’s most streamed artist and winning eight Billboard Latin Music Awards, his influence in the music industry has skyrocketed. Earlier this year, he was even brought out as a special guest by Drake during the “It’s All a Blur” Tour, further solidifying his status as a global music star.

“Éxodo” is a testament to Peso Pluma’s growth as an artist and his ability to seamlessly blend genres. This album not only highlights his musical roots but also his readiness to explore new sounds and collaborations. Fans can listen to the full album on Spotify and Apple Music, immersing themselves in Peso Pluma’s latest musical journey.