Microsoft says the new Xbox Series X console will eliminate loading times.

Microsoft has revealed the new “velocity architecture” underpinning its upcoming Xbox Series X.

This architecture increased performance what permits the company to create games with “entirely new rendering techniques to the virtual elimination of loading times, to larger, more dynamic living worlds where, as a gamer, you can choose how you want to explore”, said Jason Ronald, director of program management for Xbox Series X.

Microsoft says it is similar to these manufactured from the PlayStation 5, which is expected to launch alongside the Xbox Series X on holidays this year. Both Sony and Microsoft claimed that developers will be capable to get rid of the loading screens – or the in-game elements that hide them away, by trapping people right into a hallway, for instance – due to the improved velocity of the console.

Sony has spent a lot of its time speaking concerning the PS5’s SSD, arguing that the storage will enable assets and information to be served to the player rather more rapidly, stopping loading in addition to permitting for much richer video games.

Now Microsoft has made similar claims about its “Velocity Architecture”, which ties together a variety of different pieces of hardware and software in the new console. “If our custom designed processor is at the heart of the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Velocity Architecture is the soul,” Mr Ronald said.

In addition to offering higher experiences in video games, the new ‘Velocity Structure’ has allowed Microsoft to add new options similar to Quick Resume, which permits players to pick up precisely where they left off in a wide range of completely different games, Mr Ronald stated.