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Home » UAE postpones space mission to Mars indefinitely due to bad weather

UAE postpones space mission to Mars indefinitely due to bad weather


The Emirates Mars Mission was postponed indefinitely after bad weather at the launch site.

The launch had already been delayed for two days due to poor conditions at the Japanese facilities from which it was due to take off.

However, this has now been postponed again, with mission controllers committing to announce a new date in the next 24 hours.

The UAE orbiter is considered one of the three spacecraft bound for Mars this month, along with missions from the U.S. and China. All three want to benefit from the favorable alignment of Mars, Earth and the Sun, which occurs every 26 months.

If any of the missions miss that window in the coming weeks, they will be required to show up by 2022 to try again.

The launch of the United Arab Emirates was initially scheduled for Tuesday, July 14, before being postponed until next Friday.

NASA has already been forced to postpone the launch of the Perseverance rover until early July. This led to fears that any additional delays – remaining from those caused by unpredictable weather conditions – could lead the mission to return to the next window.

The China probe is due to launch around July 23, however, the country’s area agency said little about exactly when.