Brazilian film producer Gustavo Beck is accused of sexual abuse

Cases like Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein are not exclusive to Hollywood.

According to an article by The Intercept Brasil, the new protagonist is now the Brazilian filmmaker Gustavo Beck who, according to the article, practiced sexual abuse in Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Holland and others.

The Brazilian film producer and curator of international festivals, was accused of sexual, physical or psychological violence against 18 women from six countries, who reported their experience to The Intercept.

The issue gained strength on May 13, after one of the victims, Cat de Almeida, recounted on his Facebook account, being a victim of “sexual assault, machismo and oppression” at the hands of Beck in 2017, in the city of Buenos Aires .

“He grabbed my hair and gave me a bite on the back of the neck. I approached the door, blocked my way and pushed me. Then he pulled down my pants and hers,” wrote the actress, who said she managed to escape.

After the revelation, several women were encouraged to tell their stories. One of them is executive production assistant, Denise Fait, who made sure that Beck benefited from it after sharing a party during the Brazilian festival Olhar de Cinema in 2015.

“It wasn’t forced, but I was drunk,” said Fait, adding fear to Beck’s “unnecessary savagery”. “I remember he bit me a lot, especially my ass, and it hurt. Certainly, if I had said ‘no’ to him in that room, it would have been even more violent.”

In turn, Brazilian filmmaker Thais Prado says she had to push Beck and escape from a reserved space during a party in Berlin in 2016, after refusing to use the drugs he offered her. “That’s when he pushed me against the wall and started kissing me,” he said.

Prosecutor Gabriela Manssur studied the 18 reports sent by the victims and considered that “there are seven cases that may constitute rape or attempted rape, four possible situations of sexual harassment, one case of physical aggression and two cases of psychological violence”.

However, in a letter sent to The Intercept, Beck denied the charges. The filmmaker, considered a Latin American reference in international events, currently lives in Portugal and until last year worked as a guest programmer at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, in the Netherlands.

He also served as a curator at Viennale festivals in Austria and Bafici in Argentina. He was also part of this year’s jury for IndieLisboa de Portugal.

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