Taco Bell employee shows to TikTokers a ‘secret’ menu item

A Taco Bell employee has become a TikTok sensation with his videos where he prepares appears preparing food.

User alask55, also known as Donut King, often posts behind the scenes videos while working at Taco Bell. The TikToker also appears to have a job at a donut shop and also posts content while working there.

One of alask55 ’s videos is the one he shares a “secret item from the Taco Bell menu.
In the video, alask55 instructs users on how to order the secret item as he prepares it. All you have to do is order a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and replace the regular taco shell with a Doritos Locos Taco. Easy!


This “secret” combo actually used to be on the menu when it was a Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch. They are not wrong, but as this was on the menu for a limited time, customers now have to specifically ask to replace the taco shell if they want to taste this item.