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Home » Moderna’s shares rose more than 20% after confirmation of 94% effectiveness

Moderna’s shares rose more than 20% after confirmation of 94% effectiveness

According to today’s ForexLive article, “Moderna reaffirms that its vaccine is 94.1% effective in primary analysis

– The vaccine was 94.1% effective in analyzing the Phase 3 study, after 196 cases of virus
– The vaccine was 100% effective against strict virus cases in the trial

Moderna asks the FDA for vaccine authorization. According to today’s article in The Wall Street Journal, “Moderna will ask the US”

Moderna will file a US order for a candidate vaccine against coronavirus, which provides 94.1% effectiveness. According to today’s MarketWatch article, “Moderna Inc”

“Moderna’s shares rise 11% in the application for authorization of emergency use for vaccines”. – according to MarketWatch

Actions that had the biggest movements in the pre-market: Moderna, IHS markit, slack and others.

The Nasdaq Stock Market ended the session with Moderna jumping 20.24% to $ 152.74 on Monday, while The Nasdaq Stock Market fell 0.06% to $ 12,198.70.

Today’s closing for Moderna was $ 152.74, 1.15% below its 52-week high of $ 151.00.

Moderna’s sales growth is 1425.2% for the current quarter and 9666.5% for the next. The company’s growth estimates for the current quarter are negative 48.6% and positive 437.1% for the next.

Year-on-year quarterly revenue growth grew 826.4%, now to 246.7 million in the following twelve months.

Moderna’s shares are valued at $ 152.74 at 16:48 EST, higher than its 52-week high of $ 151.00.

Moderna’s value is much higher than its $ 80.78 50-day moving average and well above its $ 70.99 200-day moving average.