John Malkovich’s son arrested at BLM rally in Portland

John Malkovich’s son was arrested at a protest in Portland, Oregon on Friday night.

He is among 27 inmates at the demonstration, where Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa members gathered in front of the Portland Police Union offices to protest police brutality and racial inequality.

Software engineer Loewy Malkovich was listed as one of 27 people arrested on Friday night – the 100th consecutive night of protests in the city more white people in the United States.

He was arrested on charges of interfering with a second-degree officer and disorderly conduct, according to a statement from the Portland Police Department.

His charges are light and Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt said his office will not even sue.

However, part of the Oregon State Police that is making arrests has been federally delegated, meaning that protesters like Malkovich can face federal charges, Willamette Weekly noted.

His LinkedIn profile says he is a junior software engineer at Chainstarters Inc. in the city of Roses.

Her father, with actor 66-year-old John Malkovich, told The Guardian in May that he does not support politics and has not voted since the 1972 United States presidential election, when he voted for Democrat George McGovern.

“I think I think the system is quite corrupt,” he told the UK newspaper.

He also has a reputation as a “warmongering neoconservative,” the paper noted, supporting the invasion of Iraq and the death penalty, of which he once said, “I would have no problem pressing the button while dining.”

While his son moved to Portland, his daughter, Amandine, works at a grocery store and lives with her parents in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the actor said at the time. Their mother – Malkovich’s companion for more than 30 years, Nicoletta Peyran – is an academic, he said.