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Home » Tasmania offers $ 400 travel vouchers for families to warm up local tourism

Tasmania offers $ 400 travel vouchers for families to warm up local tourism

Tasmania offers $ 400 travel vouchers for families to warm up local tourism

Tasmanian residents will be able to apply for vouchers for intra-state tourism activities starting September 7 through the “Make Yourself At Home” travel voucher scheme.

Vouchers will be available for accommodation between Sunday and Thursday and tourist experiences any day of the week.

The scheme will run from September 7 to December 1, including school holidays.

Prime Minister Peter Gutwein announced on Thursday that registration for the vouchers would open on the “Make Yourself At Home” website from 9am on September 7.

“Tasmanians will pay and travel and will be able to claim the value of their vouchers for qualified accommodation or a qualified travel experience,” said Gutwein.

“They will be able to do this by providing valid receipts for the eligible travel activity and will be refunded the voucher amount to their designated bank account.”

Vouchers will be available for one adult, two adults or a family, with vouchers available for up to three children.

An adult can sign up for a $ 80 accommodation voucher and a $ 40 experience voucher.

A couple will be able to access up to two $ 73 accommodation vouchers to be used on separate nights and they will be able to access two $ 40 experience vouchers.

There is a package of up to $ 400 available for families.

Families of up to two adults can access $ 110 per night for up to two nights of accommodation.

In a family, two adults and up to three children can access a $ 35 experience voucher each.

“For example, you may be a family of five from Launceston who choose to stay three nights on the West Coast,” said Gutwein.

“You could claim up to $ 220 for your stay at a B&B or hotel in the area and up to $ 180 for a boat cruise or tour on the West Coast Wilderness Railway.

“The voucher incentive scheme will encourage intra-state visitation and will encourage Tasmanians to go out and experience their home state, the most unique and beautiful place in the world.”

Vouchers are only available to Tasmanian residents aged 18 and over.

Once vouchers are redeemed, Tasmanians can request additional vouchers, if available.