Super Fight Goes On Despite Glove Drama: Charlo vs Castaño LIVE

Super Fight Goes On Despite Glove Drama: Charlo vs Castaño LIVE

Jermell Charlo and Brian Castaño’s historic fight will take place on Sunday, despite a glove drama allegedly threatening to see it cancelled.

The two will duel to be the first undisputed 154-pound champion of the four-belt era, but pre-fight preparation has been shaken by early drama.

The Castaño team reportedly opposed the gloves Charlo would wear, with ESPN Knockout reporting that there were allegations that they had a “balloon”.

“Charlo’s right glove has a balloon (sic) and that glove cannot be approved,” Castaño’s representative Sebastian Contursi told ESPN.

“The commissioner gave us the reason at 3pm in the afternoon, Charlo’s representative called Jermell’s coach, Derrick (James), they said that they could go in two hours and the Texas commissioner said yes, at 5pm, they came with a bodyguard, they threw out our translator and allowed Charlo to have a bodyguard and I never saw a thing like it in my life.

“So far there is no fight, it is not for money, with that glove we do not fight, our gloves are fine.”

“For all those concerned #CharloCastano is in jeopardy over a Charlo glove issue, a high ranking person involved in the fight just told me, ‘The fight is on. No chance it gets cancelled. Ignore the melodrama. It will be resolved’.” Dan Rafael posted on Twitter.

It wasn’t the only drama before the two actually entered the ring, with Contursi also clashing with Charlo at the weigh-in.

Another problem presented in the clash is that Castaño weighed 153.3 pounds, while Charlo weighed 153 pounds for a 154-pound category.

The superfight marks the first time that all four major 154-pound crowns – Charlo’s WBA, WBC and IBF titles and Castaño’s WBO belt – will be at stake in the same bout.