China: eyeing the future of travel

China’s tourism industry is recovering well, with cases of Covid-19 decreasing daily. The country is still on alert, but many municipalities are already implementing measures to boost the recovery of the tourism industry.

Travel restrictions led to the redirection of international travel demand to domestic tourism, giving new life to this market.

In a survey conducted in March, it showed that 40% of the people interviewed regularly follow travel promotions and 10% of them buy some kind of special promotion.

Travelers are more concerned with security, respondents identified security as one of their main considerations when choosing a destination, along with offering discounts and other benefits.

Large group travel is decreasing domestically. The trips that are thriving best are those of short and medium size with small groups traveling through China.

Due to the travel and event restrictions of the past few months, safety concerns have increased among travelers, who are opting for smaller, private and local tours.

Car rental has grown in popularity, with an annual growth of 10% during the May 1 holiday, as travelers seek privacy, cleanliness and freedom in transportation.

Younger travelers accounted for more than half of the reservations in that period, emerging as the driving force in the sector’s recovery. We responded to that by introducing new youthful ways to book travel, such as our live broadcast series, which has reached over $ 80 million in sales to date.

Travel giant is at the forefront of China’s travel recovery and has aligned its products in line with new trends in domestic tourism.

A travel trend report conducted by together with Google, highlighted that interest in short distance travel is developing rapidly and that, in addition to security, flexibility is the primary consideration in planning future trips. has introduced a whole new way of traveling (through our Travel On initiative), with a series of live streams broadcasting at the destination offering additional discounts to viewers. We are sure that our customers (worldwide) will also love this new way of traveling, says Jane Sun, CEO of

The company also created a Flexibooking guarantee, allowing travelers to start making plans without feeling tied up during this time of uncertainty. They also launched the international Travel On Sale, which gives customers access to discounts on flexible advance reservations.

Jane Sun says Asia is well positioned for a travel recovery and security and flexibility measures provide customers with the assurance they need to start planning their next trip and continuing their trip.

As the world begins to travel again, customers are looking for more reliable suppliers.