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Walmart employee in Dawson Creek was assaulted after asking customer to wear mask

Dawson Creek RCMP (Canadian Royal Mounted Police ) arrested a person for allegedly assaulting a Walmart employee after an employee asked him to wear a mask.

On November 25, 2020, the Dawson Creek RCMP was reported of an ongoing fight at Walmart.

The officers attended and were informed that a client had assaulted an employee after being asked to wear his face mask, as required by the Provincial Health Order. A surveillance video review identified the suspect and he was located shortly afterwards at his residence.

The 30-year-old suspect was arrested for assaulting and disturbing the order and released to appear in court at a later date.

The victim involved received minor injuries and did not need immediate medical attention.

The Dawson Creek RCMP reminds the public that face masks are required in all enclosed public spaces, which includes most commercial establishments in BC. Although individuals can make a personal decision not to wear a face mask, they should not be in public spaces. closed. Individuals who refuse to wear a mask, engage in abusive or belligerent behavior or fail to meet customer conditions or requirements can be fined up to $ 230.

Dawson Creek , City in canada
Dawson Creek is a city in northeastern British Columbia, Canada. The 24.37 square kilometer municipality had a population of 12,978 in 2016. Dawson Creek derives its name from the stream of the same name that runs through the community. Wikipedia
Elevation: 665 m
Population: 12,978 (2016)

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