Justin Bieber Just Collabed With Crocs too, sales started today

It’s Sold Out!

“I’ve been using Crocs since the beginning of time and now I have my own design,” the singer said in an Instagram video last week

Justin Bieber and his streetwear brand Drew House have joined Crocs in yet another successful collaboration by the company. Crocs are on the rise again.

Those who follow Justin Bieber’s social networks, most likely have seen the singer wearing Crocs. “As an artist, it is important that my creations remain true to myself and my style,” says Bieber. “I use Crocs all the time, so creating my own pair came naturally. With these Crocs, I just focused on making something cool that I want to wear. ”If it’s good enough for Justin Bieber, I think it’s good enough for me!

The Crocs themselves come in the characteristic yellow tone of the Drew House, and each pair is adorned with eight different buttons (or Jibbitz, as they are officially known). The buttons are made of flowers, one that says Drew, pizza, a donut, a rainbow among others.

For those who want to put buy the Crocs of this collection, the bad news is that all the stock was exhausted in minutes after its launch today. Each online customer could only buy one pair at a time for $ 59.99.