Gui Khury, 12 years old, lands historic 1080 to beat Tony Hawk at X Games

12-year-old Gui Khury beat the legendary Tony Hawk’s X Games record performing the 1080 on a vertical ramp

A 12-year-old Brazilian skateboarder has captured the hearts and minds of viewers around the world after starring in an impressive stretch of history in front of the greatest icon in the sport, Tony Hawk.

The legendary American – who inspired a generation of skateboarders – was present at the X Games in California when 12-year-old Brazilian Gui Khury became the first person in history to perform a maneuver that not even Hawk managed to do.

Gui Khury performed a 1080 on a vertical ramp to become the first skater to do the trick in a competition, the achievement that earned him first place in the Best Vertical Maneuver competition.

The Brazilian made more history by also becoming the youngest skater to win gold at the X Games.

There were incredible scenes in California when Khury burst into tears of joy, with Hawk making the moment even more special after giving the young man a well-deserved hug.

The skateboarding bigwig — who became the first person to land a 900 at the X Games 22 years ago—also paid special praise to Gui Khury on social media as the world reacted to his impressive feat.

Skateboard legend of the best Brazilians

The 1080, three full rotations in the air, arrives 22 years after Hawk made history by making the 900 at the 1999 X Games.

Tony Hawk got the maneuver right eight years before Khury was born. You can see the video side-by-side comparison in the tweet below.

To add to the fun of the occasion, Hawk decided to enter the competition at the last minute, the first time the 53-year-old has competed in X Games since he retired from professional competition in 2003.

Khury had already made history by performing 1080 in Brazil last year.

Three people had already hit the maneuver, but only on a mega ramp instead of a vertical ramp.

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