Gorilla attacks zoo keeper in Madrid

A zookeeper was attacked by a gorilla at the zoo in Madrid, Spain. The 46-year-old woman, 19 of whom passed through this zoo, was hospitalized in a condition considered serious. She had two broken arms and a head wound.

The woman had gone to clean the enclosure and feed the 29-year-old when it attacked her. The caretaker performed these daily tasks in an indoor area protected by a triple door.

The zoo is investigating

This is what the zoo management said in a statement. “The zoo staff managed to get the animal out, and then a veterinary team anesthetized it with a tranquilizer dart. The animal was taken to its enclosure where it calmed down ”, adds the director of the establishment.

Since the accident, police and zoo staff have been trying to find out how the gorilla, called Malabo and raised by guardians since birth, managed to enter the protected area where the attack occurred.