Twitter adds hexagonal profile pictures to show off NFTs: What they are and how to add

Twitter launches verified NFT profile picture feature

Twitter has enabled a feature that allows users to officially verify the NFTs used for their profile pictures. Previously, anyone could simply right-click and copy an image, and there was no proof of ownership without digging into the Ethereum blockchain to verify it.
The feature, launched on Jan. paid subscribers to Twitter’s Blue service.

Official NFTs will be highlighted by a hexagonal border instead of the traditional circular one used for profile photos.

The move marks the company’s biggest push into the NFT space to date.

Twitter has become the cryptocurrency industry’s preferred social media platform in recent years.

NFT profile pictures will allow users to show their interest in the blockchain platform. If a user wants to know more about an NFT, they can click on the hexagon profile picture and select “View NFT Details” to get more information about the “NFT Owner, NFT Description, Collection, Properties and Additional Details. “

Twitter uses a third-party API (application programming interface) to obtain a user’s NFT from the OpenSea marketplace, which acts as a verification.

Competition in the NFT space is heating up and social media companies want to be at the forefront. Meta is also working on plans to allow users to create and sell NFTs on their own Facebook and Instagram marketplace.
How to set NFT as Twitter profile picture?

This feature is currently only available to Twitter Plus subscribers using iOS. You will need a mobile crypto wallet app to complete this task. Below are instructions on how to set an NFT as a profile image using the MetaMask wallet.

If you want to set your NFT as your Twitter profile picture, follow these steps:

– Open Twitter on iOS. Enter your profile.
– Click on “Edit Profile”, click on the profile picture icon and select “Choose NFT”.
– Now you need to choose a wallet from the list.
– A verification request message will be sent to your wallet address.
– You will be asked to authenticate your cryptocurrency wallet’s private keys by signing a transaction.
– You can also complete this process by scanning the QR code on the screen.
– After linking your wallet, choose a compatible NFT
– Click Done and Save to confirm your selection.

Your Twitter profile image will now be represented as a hexagonal shape that identifies you as the owner of that NFT.

You will be able to see the status of your NFT by going to your profile picture and selecting View NFT Details. You will have access to information such as Creator, Owner, Collection, Properties and more from NFT.
You can also inspect your NFT on by clicking More on