Zoom launches Zoom For Home, a second screen for video calls

Zoom introduced its “Zoom for Home” model and a new gadget preloaded with the corporate’s video calling software designed for Home Office.

Zoom partnered with DTEN to manufacture the gadget, which is a company that focuses on manufacturing devices for communication and created devices previously for Zoom.

The DTEN ME, tablet that features a 27-inch, 1080p screen with three built-in wide-angle cameras and eight microphones around the gadget.

Customers can use it to initiate a zoom call, receive calls, share screen content and write it down, connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.

It should also automatically include the user’s calendar and contacts in what the company is describing as “an integrated unified communication experience with the first video”.

The product runs the DTEN OS operating system, however it might have an HDMI connected to use it as a second display.

Zoom for Home will work with all Zoom licenses, from the free to the paid company stage.

Zoom for Home will be available in August 2020, priced at $ 599.

It will arrive in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in September.

This isn’t the only hardware product that Zoom produces; it additionally offers a 55-inch screen with comparable performance referred to as DTEN ON and the same gadget referred to as D7.

Nevertheless, these products are branded “Zoom Room Appliances” and require a separate license, in addition to being marketed more directly in companies.