The North Face and Gucci announce collaboration

The North Face and Gucci announce collaboration

Gucci and The North Face are teaming up for a collaboration that should celebrate the outdoors.

Gucci released two teaser videos on Twitter and Instagram this week revealing their partnership.

Although little is known about what the two fashion companies have planned for their joint collection, Gucci and The North Face are expected to collaborate on a line of outdoor clothing based on the videos featured.

Gucci “confirms that it will be bringing a collaboration to life in the coming months that celebrates the rich heritage of both brands”.

The North Face (founded in 1966, San Francisco, California, USA) is known for its line of clothing and accessories for outdoor activities, has joined forces with Supreme, Junya Wantanabe, Hender Scheme, Brain Dead, Supreme, and Sacai among others marks in the past.

For Gucci (founded in 1921, Florence, Italy), this marks its first partnership for a collection under creative director Alessandro Michele’s five-year history with Fashion House, Harper’s Bazaar reported. Michele, however, collaborated with Liberty and Ken Scott, but has not yet presented a complete collection with another brand.

Michele changed Gucci’s ways, leaving Milan Fashion Week aside in search of making its collections more meaningful by bringing more “Oxygen” according to himself.